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San Sebastian is world famous for its gastronomy; and if any one aspect stands out, it has to be its famous pintxos. The term pintxo is used to describe what in other places goes by the name of tapa. However, in San Sebastian you’ll find true works of art in these miniature creations.

They are made with ingredients of the finest quality and you will find hundreds of different kinds. They are so widely appreciated that an annual competition is held to reward the best local creation. The establishment winning the award is certain not to be short of clients any time soon.

Pintxos Donostia - San Sebastián
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This is one of the city’s most iconic districts. It is very well known for its beach, La Zurriola, a true paradise for the city’s surfers and visitors.

It is an area with small shops, where you will find all sorts; there are a number of toll parking areas and several highly appreciated bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a few delicious pintxos or set about tasting the exquisite local gastronomy.

Pubs at Gros district
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For some years now, the famous Pintxo-Pote or pintxo & drink combo has been taking place every Thursday evening in Gros. This means that many of the local bars serve several of their pintxos with a drink for a lower than usual price of between 2 and 3 euros.

It takes place in the evening, usually from 19:00 to 21:00, and our district has the liveliest Pintxo-pote of them all.

Note: Not all pintxos and drinks fall within the pintxo-pote combo.